Liquid Motion Artistry by Tracey Myers







Tracey Myers

Liquid Motion Artistry by Tracey Myers



Welcome to my page! I'm a Creator of Abstract Art and enjoy capturing the beauty that surrounds us with Photography. I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you find something that moves and inspires you. Below is a little about me and what put me on this journey of creation. Thank you for visiting!

In around 2006 or so, I took an interest in oil painting out of the blue and created something for a musician/friend in Greece named Mikael Delta. After that I never bothered painting Abstract again. In 2009 I had a traumatic event happen that turned my life upside down and for whatever reason I picked up the brush. I love music and I love painting, the two met and from that moment it simply became habit for me to do at least 3 paintings every night (I'm a night owl). :)

Due to the fact that I am self-taught, I never showed anyone my work as this was just an outlet for me at the time. One day a couple of friends dropped by and I didn't have time to hide my work, they saw my stack of paintings and took it upon themselves to snoop through it. They were surprised and impressed because they had no idea I painted. Then the big question came up of why I wasn't putting it out there for the rest of the world to enjoy. I became a little more open about it since they really liked it. Unfortunately I made the mistake of showing it to another friend who told me it was complete garbage, so again I continued to paint in private, hiding my work from others. My friends who originally snooped through my art work started talking to other people about it who then wanted to see it, when they saw it they loved it and I received a lot of positive feedback. I then decided to ignore the one negative review and post my work up, calling it "In the creative mind of a broken heart." I've been painting ever since. :)

I'm happy to finally share it with all of you, I hope you enjoy it, I've been happy to create it.



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